Program Assistant - External

Position Purpose 

A pharmaceutical company has hired Axios International to set-up a patient assistance program (PAP) in Indonesia for its novel oncology therapies. Axios is working on a regional platform for this PAP, where UAE. will be the head of region and Indonesia will be a satellite office.

The main role of the Program Assistant is to assist Axios teams involved in the PAP for the setup and implementation of the activities.


Duties and Responsibilities 

A. Setup activities

  1. Meet Axios HQ team for introduction to the program, training on Axios activities

  2. Assist Axios Regional team to conduct the due diligence process on the identified NGOs

  3. Participate in meetings with clients to finalize process flows, operation and logistics details

  4. Responsible for the translation of program materials which are already prepared by Axios HQ team to local language(s), or to contact translators

  5. Attend and complete Adverse Event Reporting and product trainings provided by the client

  6. Assist Axios teams with the meetings and trainings for client sales and marketing teams during internal launch meeting for the PAP

  7. Assist Axios teams with the trainings for distributor team and any other internal partners for the PAP


B. Implementation activities


  1. Meet with the Client to validate and finalize PAP related operational issues such as patient flows, communication with distributor etc. The Program Assistant could be asked to visit some key opinion leaders such as physicians for program introduction during this period. All activities mentioned in this clause will take place upon Client’s request. 

  2. Work in coordination with Axios HQ team for the execution of PAP in Indonesia, address incoming inquiries from health care providers, patients, and other external parties about the program.

  3. Coordinate with local government authorities as required for the execution of the program

  4. Schedule visits and visit key stakeholders 2-4 times a year to introduce and inform physicians about the PAP and establish trust in the program.

  5. Responsible for all patient management activities listed below:

    1. Report adverse events to the client PV teams in Indonesia.

    2. Update program database for the patients in Indonesia.

    3. Attend workshops/trainings for the client sales/medical teams to refresh knowledge of the program.

    4. Assist Axios HQ team to set up meetings with client and key stakeholders.

    5. Oversee the logistics and product delivery and solve any issues to ensure products are received by the patients.

    6. Assist Axios HQ team for inventory management, supply forecasts.

    7. Assist Axios HQ team for monitoring and evaluation of the PAP in Indonesia.

    8. Assist Axios HQ team for audits (internal and client audits) of the PAP in Indonesia.


  • Work with project team leaders as well as the related divisions of Axios 

  • Establish a relationship with Axios program partners in Indonesia

  • Maintain ongoing and frequent communication with project team leaders including Axios regional and global staff 

 Special Skills and Knowledge 

  • Diplomatic skills  

  • Knowledge of Indonesia health system 

  • Approachability and willingness to provide excellent services 

  • Initiative and drive 

  • Team Player 

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 

  • Results driven 

  • Good organisational and coordination skills 

  • Ability to work autonomously  

  • Methodical with ability to deliver timely results 

  • Self-starter with strong individual drive, attention to detail, resourcefulness, and task ownership  

  • Ability to work in a challenging, fast-paced environment.  

  • Proficiency in standard computer software (word-processing, excel, PowerPoint presentations, databases) and the internet 


  • Application of job knowledge 

  • Problem-solving

  • Concern for order and quality   

  • Adaptability and flexibility 

  • Dependability 

  • Teamwork

Educational Background and Experience 

  • A Degree or Diploma in Social Work, Medical, Nursing or Public Health is ideal 

  • At least 2 years working experience in a healthcare setting or NGO is ideal

  • Excellent command of both spoken and written Indonesian and English  

  • Experience in data monitoring and management is an advantage 

  • Experience coordinating and handling logistics/supply chain is a plus 

  • Experience in customer service management 

Job Circumstances 

  • This is a part time position that will be based in Indonesia.

  • Flexibility in working hours is essential

  • Frequent travel within Indonesia will be required